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Policy Pillars For A Movement Rooted In Truth, Justice, & Love


  • Abolish poverty 
  • Abolish homelessness
  • Establish federal public banking institutions to fund public infrastructure and green reconstruction
  • Establish a federal Universal Basic Income commission
  • Wealth tax on all billionaire holdings and transactions
  • End all tax loopholes for the oligarchy
  • National $27 minimum wage with special considerations for specific geographies where $27/hour would not be a family-sustaining wage
  • Mandatory minimum of six months of fully paid parental leave 
  • Ensuring family-sustaining and living wages for all disability benefits 
  • National Jobs Program to ensure full employment to every person 
  • Increased federal support for businesses established as worker-owned cooperatives and other alternative worker models
  • Right to qualify for affordable housing by eliminating coverage gaps
  • End to Wall Street mass real estate holdings and the marketization of human rights
  • Break up monopolies, including big tech
  • Ban corporate stock buybacks
  • End the use of credit scores for any decisions associated with finance, housing, or employment
  • Ban stock trading for government officials


  • Establish a workers bill of rights that includes the end of right-to-work states 
  • Greater protections for workers who attempt to unionize 
  • Requirement for all non-profit organizations to allow for the unionization of workers and collective bargaining 
  • One year limit on contract negotiations - if the contract is not completed in one year, the demands of the workers will be immediately codified 
  • 33% minimum worker representation for all Boards of Directors
  • Transform Paid Family Leave to mandate a minimum of six-months fully paid time off
  • End all pay discrepancies based on race, gender identity, disability status, etc.
  • Establish a federal commission to institute a four-day work week
  • Review all U.S. trade agreements and cancel any provisions that exploit workers domestically and internationally
  • National free pre-K childcare


  • Moving beyond the Green New Deal to a global Green Reconstruction initiative
  • Constitutional right to clean air, clean water, and a healthy environment
  • Nationalize the fossil fuel industry 
  • Acknowledge and declare a climate emergency 
  • Immediate cessation of all oil and gas leasing projects on federal lands and waters
  • Federal moratorium on fracking, carbon capture, and direct air capture technologies, geoengineering, and other false climate solutions
  • Climate reparations and contribute fair share to the global loss and damage fund 
  • Justice for Cancer Alley and other energy and economic sacrifice zones
  • Cancel the Willow Project, the Mountain Valley Pipeline, and all other harmful and unnecessary projects harming people and planet
  • Establish a national Risk Bond program for the fossil fuel and mining industries and associated infrastructure
  • Codify Free, Prior, and Informed Consent (FPIC) for Indigenous people 
  • End water privatization and establish a commission to address and solve the drinking water crises across the nation 
  • Rescind the toxic provisions of the so-called Inflation Reduction Act


  • Go beyond Medicare for All towards true health justice 
  • Habeas Corpus Healthcare, free healthcare for any and all residents of the United States  
  • Codify abortion rights as a Constitutional mandate 
  • Remove Transgender exclusions/limitations from all healthcare policies 
  • Nationalize the healthcare industry, including the pharmaceutical industry 
  • End medical apartheid and protect/increase rights for people with disabilities
  • End the war on drugs and associated collateral damage on families and communities
  • Establish a COVID-19 Commission to deliver justice for populations disproportionately impacted by the pandemic
  • Convene a federal panel of scientists and experts to study the safety and utilization of vaccines for infectious diseases
  • Establish a Health Bill of Rights for disabled people to address and dismantle specific healthcare challenges they face


  • Reparations to address the unpaid debt to Black U.S. residents
  • Directive to complete the reparations process and findings within two years so checks can be cut and sent to eligible recipients
  • Push Congress to pass filibuster-proof budget reconciliation for reparations and Land Back provisions, in line with the Civil Liberties Act of 1988
  • End mass incarceration and codify voting rights for all incarcerated people and immediately reinstate voting rights for all returning citizens
  • Address the disproportionate mortality rate for Black pregnancies 
  • Require public review commissions for every police force in the nation
  • Reinstate Section 4(b) and Section 5 of the 1965 Voting Rights Act 
  • Establish a Land Back Commission to explore and address brutal land theft from, attempted genocide of, and broken treaties with Indigenous peoples
  • Full use of federal forces to investigate and end the epidemic of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women 
  • Codify the Justice for Black Farmers Act for immediate execution


  • Protect free speech, enforce whistleblower protections, and stop the prosecution of those who expose government corruption
  • Shut down Cop City and plans for similar facilities across the nation 
  • End mass incarceration and the prison industrial complex 
  • Redistribute police funding to unarmed community-led forces
  • Eliminate crowded prison facilities by developing alternatives to incarceration 
  • Prisoner Bill of Rights that includes a right to humane treatment and humane living conditions for all correctional facilities
  • Abolish the use of solitary confinement 
  • Investigate and end sentencing discrepancies based on race, ethnicity, and class
  • Ban the death penalty, life without the possibility of parole, three-strikes laws, mandatory minimums, and sentence enhancement politics
  • Restore voting rights for people with criminal records, including those who are currently incarcerated
  • Confiscate all military equipment from civilian police forces 
  • End and prohibit all police training programs by military forces including, but not limited to the Israel Defense Forces


  • Make Election Day a National Holiday to increase voter turnout and to foster a transparent and robust voting process
  • Establish automatic voter registration, same day registration, and the option to use vote-by-mail for all eligible voters
  • Create a federal Democracy Commission to investigate and eliminate undue ballot access impediments for non-duopoly candidates
  • Promote Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) across the nation
  • End lifetime appointments for Supreme Court justices by imposing term limits
  • Prohibit donations/contributions to any judge at any level of government
  • Enact national ban on all former elected officials acting or working as lobbyists
  • Establish term limits for all elected officials nationwide


  • Center public schools and reduce the need for charter schools
  • End the nexus of quality education and tax base - there is no reason why a public school in Beverly Hills should be “better” than a public school in Lowndes County, Alabama 
  • Free tuition for all state and community colleges 
  • Minimum wage of $80,000 for all U.S. public school teachers K-12
  • Dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline by removing police and so-called School Resource Officers from all public schools 
  • Cancel all student loan debt
  • Reinstate the fair use of race, ethnicity, and class as a factor for admission to secondary schools and universities
  • Abolish state laws that limit or remove the full and accurate study of U.S. history
  • Increase federal funding for Historic Black Colleges and Universities and Tribal Colleges and Universities 


  • End the unwarranted, unnecessary, and dangerous assaults on transgender people 
  • Gender-affirming standards of care for trans people in public life and institutions
  • Codify an Equal Rights Amendment for LGBTQIA+ U.S. residents 
  • National ban on any and all so-called "Don’t Say Gay" laws and all other anti-LGBTQIA+ laws 


  • End the gun violence epidemic
  • National gun registry database for all civilians similar to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act database for hazardous materials
  • Establish similar requirements for driver licenses to gun ownership
  • Drastically limit the number of sales at gun shows
  • National Red Flag Law that expedites the process of gun confiscation from individuals who pose a danger to themselves and communities 


  • Massive investment in transforming immigration policies to create a broad legal pathway for residency that centers compassion, morality, dignity, and ethics
  • End crimes against humanity for migrants and their families - no separation of families, no children in cages
  • Cut red tape that delays legal pathways to citizenship and permanent residence
  • Accountability for the U.S. role in exacerbating the migrant crisis 
  • Abolish ICE and demilitarize the southern border 
  • Enforce international and national laws that allow for asylum seekers to enter the country without delay or prejudice


  • Dismantle the U.S. empire
  • Slash the bloated U.S. military budget 
  • Disband NATO
  • Expeditious and responsible closure of global U.S. military bases - AFRICOM, etc.
  • Global cooperation in lieu of full spectrum dominance 
  • Cease all war funding and weapons to Ukraine and invest in peacemaking
  • Cease military funding to the State of Israel 
  • End Israeli apartheid of Palestinian people and press the UN to establish a program for Palestinian dignity and liberation 
  • Cease all military support to nations committing war crimes
  • Truth and Reconciliation Commission for U.S. Intervention in Central America, South America, Africa, and Asia 
  • End the Cuba embargo and normalize relations by removing the nation from the SSOT list 
  • No intervention, military or otherwise in Haiti 
  • Cancel all IMF/World Bank debts for so-called developing nations, especially nations on the African continent 
  • End the global patriarchy and associated violence that oppresses women around the world, and stand in solidarity with global women-led movements such as those in Afghanistan and Iran