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Policy Pillars For A Movement Rooted In Truth, Justice, & Love

Black Maternal Justice

In the spirit of justice and with a profound commitment to the sanctity of life, the West | Abdullah campaign presents the Black Maternal Justice Pillar. This policy is an acknowledgment of the grave injustices faced by Black mothers in the United States, who endure disproportionately high rates of maternal mortality and morbidity. It is a moral imperative to confront and dismantle the systemic racism and inequities embedded within our healthcare system that betray Black women during one of the most pivotal experiences of their lives. The Black Maternal Justice Pillar is built upon the following foundational commitments:

  • Comprehensive Funding Increase: We vow to significantly amplify funding for maternal health initiatives tailored to the needs of Black women. This encompasses bolstering the resources of hospitals and clinics in underserved communities and investing in research that identifies and promotes the most effective strategies for eradicating the maternal mortality crisis among Black women.
  • Cultural Competency and Bias Training: We mandate that all healthcare professionals in obstetrics and gynecology undergo comprehensive cultural competency and implicit bias training. This policy ensures that Black women are met with the respect, understanding, and high-quality care they deserve, free from prejudice and discrimination.
  • Community Health Worker Programs: We champion the expansion of community health worker programs, recognizing their critical role in bridging the gap between Black pregnant women and the healthcare system. These programs will offer vital prenatal and postnatal education, support, and advocacy, ensuring Black women are empowered and supported through their maternity journey.
  • Data Collection and Research: We commit to enhancing data collection on maternal health outcomes for Black women and supporting research into healthcare models that demonstrably improve these outcomes. This initiative is essential for illuminating the depth of disparities and informing targeted, effective interventions.
  • Access to Midwifery and Doula Services: We affirm the right of all Black women to access the care of midwives and doulas, whose presence has been proven to improve maternal and neonatal outcomes significantly. These services, offering culturally competent support, will be made available and covered by all health insurance plans, ensuring that every Black mother can benefit from their invaluable assistance.
  • Policy Oversight Committee: We will establish a national oversight committee dedicated to Black maternal healthcare. This body, comprising healthcare experts, maternal health advocates, and members of the affected communities, will monitor the execution of these policies, evaluate their effectiveness, and recommend additional measures to enhance Black maternal health and well-being.

The Black Maternal Justice Pillar declares our campaign's unwavering dedication to rectifying the profound injustices that endanger Black mothers. It affirms our belief in a healthcare system that upholds the dignity, respects the rights, and preserves the lives of all mothers, recognizing the invaluable role they play in the fabric of our society. In advancing these policies, the West | Abdullah campaign seeks to address a critical health crisis and honor every Black woman's inherent worth and her fundamental right to safe, empowering, and dignified maternal care. Join us in this sacred mission to ensure that the promise of justice and equality encompasses the sacred act of bringing life into this world.

Child Justice

In an unwavering commitment to the sanctity and potential of every child, the Cornel West for President campaign introduces the Child Justice and Protection Pillar. This foundational element of our platform advocates for a world where every child is nurtured in environments that foster their well-being, development, and dignity. It champions a holistic and inclusive approach to child justice and protection, addressing the varied needs of children across the spectrum of society. Here are the key initiatives that comprise this pillar:

  • Reform Juvenile Justice Systems: Prioritize community-based interventions over detention for youth with lower-level offenses, ensuring the use of confinement is reserved for those who pose significant public safety risks. This initiative seeks to balance the scales of justice, emphasizing rehabilitation and societal reintegration.
  • Uphold Children's Rights in Justice Systems: Guarantee access to child-friendly, gender-sensitive justice systems that respect and protect the rights of all children, particularly those most vulnerable, including minority groups, children with disabilities, and migrant children.
  • Prevention and Diversion Strategies: Develop and implement comprehensive diversion measures and alternatives to detention, firmly establishing the deprivation of liberty as a measure of last resort. This commitment aligns with international standards on child justice, emphasizing the rights and well-being of children in conflict with the law.
  • Strengthen Child Protection Systems: Fortify child protection frameworks to prevent violence against children and support survivors, especially in humanitarian crises. Support governments in crafting policies and legislative frameworks that provide children access to vital social services and justice.
  • Eliminate Harmful Practices and Ensure Safe Environments: Accelerate efforts to eradicate harmful practices such as child marriage and female genital mutilation (FGM) and advocate for safe environments that shield children from exploitation, abuse, and violence, particularly in humanitarian settings.
  • Ensure equal access to quality education by eliminating competitive grants, also known as test-based funding measures, and instead allocating education resources based on need rather than performance. Address the educational disparities between rich and poor school districts for high-quality education access for all. 
  • Enact universal access to healthy lunches and provide locally sourced, vegetable-rich food options for all children in K-12 education via the Department of Education. 

The Child Justice and Protection Pillar embodies the Cornel West for President campaign’s dedication to crafting a society that honors every child's rights, voices, and dreams. It is a testament to our belief in a future where children's justice and protection are paramount—a future where every child can flourish in a world that recognizes and celebrates their inherent worth and potential.

Disability Justice

Rooted in the Cornel West for President campaign's vision for a society that cherishes justice and equity, the Disability Justice Pillar is a profound commitment to advocating for the rights, dignity, and comprehensive inclusion of individuals with disabilities. This pillar recognizes Disability Justice as an essential framework that acknowledges the multidimensional nature of oppression, intertwining with other critical social justice movements. It is built upon the following critical commitments:

  • Intersectional Empowerment: Emphasizing the interconnected struggle of Disability Justice with broader social justice movements, we are dedicated to amplifying the voices and experiences of disabled individuals, particularly those from historically marginalized groups such as women, people of color, immigrants, and LGBTQ+ communities.
  • Economic Security: Championing policies to ensure economic empowerment for people with disabilities, recognizing the importance of equal employment opportunities, fair compensation, and access to resources that address the extra costs associated with disabilities.
  • Accessible Technology: Advocating for the development and implementation of technology that is accessible to all, acknowledging the pivotal role technology plays in education, communication, and overall participation in society for people with disabilities.
  • Support for Families and Early Intervention: Promoting robust support and early intervention services for children with disabilities and their families, laying the foundation for lifelong learning, empowerment, and inclusion.
  • Civil Liberties and Rights: Unwaveringly defending the civil liberties and rights of individuals with disabilities across all areas of life, including criminal justice, voting, healthcare, and family rights, to ensure full participation and protection from discrimination.
  • Affordable and Accessible Housing: Spearheading initiatives for housing that are both affordable and accessible, meeting the diverse needs of individuals with disabilities and fostering independence and community inclusion.
  • Eliminate enforced poverty for people receiving disability support by abolishing net worth limits (which are currently placed at $2,000 total net worth) for folks living with disabilities and receiving compensation due to their inability to access living wage jobs. Allow part-time employment and additional support to that employment so that folks with disabilities can live lives of dignity while participating in their communities.  

The Disability Justice Pillar encapsulates the Cornel West for President campaign's dedication to systemic change that uplifts and addresses the concerns of those most marginalized. It is a commitment to building an inclusive, empathetic world where the diversity and potential of every individual with disabilities are recognized, celebrated, and nurtured.

Economic Justice

In the spirit and voice of Dr. Cornel West, let us deeply engage with the vision of economic justice as a testament to our collective commitment to rectify historical injustices and build a society rooted in compassion, equity, and love. Our campaign for 2024 is not merely a political endeavor but a profound moral crusade to ensure that the wealth of this great nation serves not the few but the many—every beautiful soul walking this land.

  • To Eradicate Poverty is to affirm the divine worth of every individual, ensuring that access to quality education, healthcare, and secure housing is recognized as sacrosanct rights. It is to say unequivocally that poverty is not a fate to be endured but a social sin to be eradicated.
  • To abolish homelessness means to embrace our homeless brothers and sisters with the warmth of our concern and the strength of our actions. It means building a nation where every person has a sanctuary—a home to call their own, coupled with the mental health and substance abuse treatments that address the roots of despair.
  • The Creation of Federal Public Banking Institutions symbolizes our collective reclaiming of economic democracy, channeling our resources to rejuvenate our infrastructure and breathe life into our communities through green reconstruction projects, with the people’s welfare at heart.
  • A Universal Basic Income Commission reflects our audacious hope to reimagine welfare as empowerment—a direct, unconditional affirmation of our shared dignity, providing a financial backbone against the whims of an uncertain economy.
  • A Wealth Tax to End Oligarchy is our moral imperative to redistribute the obscene concentrations of wealth and power. It is to declare that our democracy should not be auctioned to the highest bidder, and our politics should not be a playground for billionaires.
  • A National $27 Minimum Wage asserts the radical notion that if a person works, they deserve to live—not merely survive but to live with dignity, in communities where this wage is the floor, not the ceiling, of their aspirations.
  • Expansive Parental Leave and Disability Benefits underscore that our society must nurture families and support individuals through life’s vicissitudes, affirming that care is at the heart of our communal bonds.
  • A National Jobs Program is our commitment to the right to meaningful employment, an endeavor to marry the need for work with the work needed—rebuilding our nation while securing our future against climate catastrophe.
  • Supporting Worker-Owned Cooperatives is to sow the seeds of economic democracy. It fosters businesses that embody the principles of collective ownership and democratic decision-making, ensuring that the workplace is a site of empowerment, not exploitation.
  • Housing as a Right challenges the commodification of basic needs, insisting on policies that make affordable, quality housing accessible for all, addressing the systemic inequities that deny so many a place to call home.
  • Breaking Up Monopolies aims to dismantle the concentrations of corporate power that throttle competition and innovation. It asserts that the health of our economy relies on a marketplace as diverse and dynamic as the people it serves.
  • Banning Stock Buybacks and Insider Trading by Government Officials is a testament to our demand for a government of integrity that serves the public interest, not the private accumulation of wealth.
  • Ending the Use of Credit Scores in Essential Services recognizes the inherent discrimination in these practices and advocates for a society that measures a person’s worth by their character, not their credit.

This campaign is more than a list of policies; it invokes our deepest ethical commitments to justice, equity, and love. In the tradition of the great freedom fighters before us, we stand ready to build an economy and a society that reflects the unyielding dignity of every person. Join us in this righteous journey.

Education Justice

The West | Abdullah campaign passionately upholds education justice as a sacred commitment to our children and our future in the deep tradition of struggle for dignity and equality. This vision for education justice is not just a series of policy adjustments; it's a moral crusade to transform the soul of our education system, ensuring it becomes a beacon of hope, empowerment, and liberation for every student, regardless of their background.

  • Centering Public Schools speaks to our conviction that public education is a communal treasure, the bedrock upon which we build an informed, vibrant democracy. Strengthening our public schools affirms our collective responsibility to nurture, educate, and uplift all children in inclusive, enriching environments that celebrate diversity and foster a sense of belonging.
  • Equalizing School Funding addresses the egregious moral failing of a system where a child's education is dictated by their zip code. It's a bold move to untether the fate of our schools from the whims of local tax bases, ensuring that every public school, from the inner city to the rural heartlands, is a wellspring of opportunity, equipped with the resources to ignite the potential within every student.
  • Free Tuition for Higher Education embodies our belief in education as a right, not a privilege. Guaranteeing free tuition at state and community colleges is a declaration that the pursuit of knowledge, the dream of a better life, should not come at the cost of insurmountable debt. It is a step toward a society where higher education is a universal pathway to empowerment.
  • Fair Compensation for Teachers recognizes that the guardians of our future deserve not just our respect but fair remuneration for their invaluable service. Setting a minimum wage for teachers is a commitment to honoring the profession, attracting and retaining the best educators, and ensuring that teaching is regarded as one of the noblest pursuits.
  • Dismantling the School-to-Prison Pipeline is a moral imperative to end the criminalization of our youth, particularly students of color. By removing police from schools and embracing restorative justice, we affirm our faith in the power of understanding, compassion, and community to resolve conflicts and build a nurturing educational environment.
  • Cancellation of Student Loan Debt offers liberation from the financial shackles that burden millions, stifling their dreams and economic mobility. This policy is a jubilee, a fresh start for a generation weighed down by the cost of their education, freeing them to pursue their aspirations unencumbered by debt.
  • Equitable Admissions Practices are essential in crafting educational institutions that mirror the rich tapestry of our society. By considering race, ethnicity, and class in admissions, we not only enrich the educational experience for all students but also take a step toward rectifying the historical injustices that have barred so many from the gates of opportunity.
  • Preserving Accurate Historical Education is our stand against the whitewashing of our past. It is a commitment to truth, ensuring that our students learn the full complexity of our history, the triumphs, and the atrocities so they may grow into informed, critical thinkers capable of shaping a more just future.
  • Supporting HBCUs and TCUs recognizes these institutions' indispensable role in nurturing the minds and spirits of historically underserved communities. Enhancing their funding is not just an investment in education; it's a celebration of cultural heritage, a reinforcement of their mission to empower, educate, and uplift.

The West | Abdullah campaign for education justice is a clarion call to our nation to reimagine and rebuild our education system into one that truly reflects our highest ideals. It's a call to ensure that every child is cherished, every teacher is valued, and every community is empowered through the transformative power of education. Join us in this righteous struggle, for in the heart of education lies the seed of our collective redemption and renewal.

Elder Justice

Rooted deeply in the principles of Truth, Justice, and Love, the Cornel West for President campaign is proud to unveil the Elder Justice Pillar. This initiative embodies our steadfast dedication to uplifting our senior community's dignity, well-being, and rights. By honoring our elders' wisdom, experiences, and contributions, we commit to ensuring their later years are marked by respect, care, and security. The Elder Justice Pillar pledges to:

  • Combat Abuse and Neglect: Strengthening defenses against elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation is paramount. We vow to bolster legal protections and resources for prevention and intervention, fostering a society that actively protects its elders.
  • Ensure Healthcare Access: We champion the right of every senior to access comprehensive, affordable healthcare tailored to their needs. Our vision includes a healthcare system that respects elder autonomy and offers personalized care, from preventive services to chronic disease management and palliative care.
  • Guarantee Economic Security: Achieving economic justice means ensuring financial stability for our seniors through robust pensions, secure savings, and supportive social systems. We envision a society where elders enjoy a standard of living that affords dignity, comfort, and full participation in community life.
  • Foster Inclusion and Participation: Celebrating and engaging our seniors goes beyond mere care. We are committed to creating opportunities for elders to contribute to and engage with their communities, valuing their voices in all societal and political spheres.
  • Support Age-Friendly Environments: We pledge to advocate for developing accessible, secure, and senior-friendly environments. We aim to promote housing and community spaces that accommodate our elders' independence and care needs.
  • Empower Caregivers: Recognizing the crucial role of caregivers, we propose comprehensive support measures, including education, respite care, and financial assistance, to ensure caregivers can provide the best possible care while maintaining their own well-being.
  • Embrace Technology for Elder Care: It is essential to advance the use of technology to improve senior lives. We will promote accessible and user-friendly technological solutions, such as telehealth and assistive devices, to enhance elder connectivity and care.
  • Adopt an Intersectoral Approach: True elder justice demands collaboration across healthcare, housing, finance, and social services. We advocate for policy development and implementation through intersectoral collaboration, ensuring a holistic support system for our elders.

In embodying the Elder Justice Pillar, the Cornel West for President campaign pledges to honor the legacies of our elders and ensure their protection and reverence. Our campaign's core values of Truth, Justice, and Love guide our vision for a society that deeply respects its elders, recognizing them as pillars of wisdom, history, and humanity. Together, we strive to ensure justice and love inform our collective journey toward a more compassionate and equitable world for all ages.

Environmental Justice

In the rich tradition of love and justice that guides our campaign, the Cornel West for President mission for environmental justice is not merely a policy stance but a moral call to arms. This battle against the existential threat of climate change, compounded by the disproportionate impact on our most vulnerable brothers and sisters, demands a radical reimagining of our relationship with the earth, each other, and future generations.

  • Global Green Reconstruction Initiative is our collective leap toward healing the planet. It transcends borders, embodying global solidarity in our shared fight against climate catastrophe. This initiative is a testament to our belief that only through unity, sustainable development, and unwavering commitment to renewable energy can we hope to restore balance and ensure a thriving planet for all.
  • The Constitutional Right to a Healthy Environment elevates our fundamental needs to the status of sacred rights. Clean air, clean water, and a nourishing environment are not negotiable commodities but inalienable rights; ensuring the health and well-being of every citizen takes precedence over the greed of the few.
  • Nationalization of the Fossil Fuel Industry is a bold stride toward dismantling the engines of environmental destruction. By transitioning control to the people, we can decisively phase out the relics of our carbon-dependent past and pave the way for a renewable, just future while caring for those whose livelihoods must evolve in this new dawn.
  • Declaration of Climate Emergency is our unequivocal acknowledgment of the urgent crisis at hand. It calls for a united, immediate, and all-encompassing mobilization to confront climate change head-on, transforming our society and economy to meet this monumental challenge.
  • Halting Oil and Gas Projects signifies a definitive break from the destructive cycle of fossil fuel dependency. It is a commitment to stop mortgaging our planet’s future for short-term gain, laying the groundwork for a sustainable relationship with our planet.
  • Moratorium on False Solutions exposes and halts the dangerous gambles masquerading as solutions, reaffirming our dedication to genuine, ground-up approaches to climate change that confront its causes, not merely its symptoms.
  • Climate Reparations recognize the deep injustices of climate change, offering restitution to those who suffer most yet contribute least to the crisis. This is a step towards global equity and justice, acknowledging our collective responsibility to heal the wounds of the past and present.
  • Justice for Environmental Sacrifice Zones Demands remediation and recompense for communities living in the shadow of pollution and neglect. It is a vow to cleanse these lands and lives blighted by environmental racism and industrial greed, ensuring their voices lead the march towards justice.
  • Cancel Harmful Projects stands as a declaration that we will no longer accept the false dichotomy of development versus sustainability. We choose a path that honors our ecological and communal health, refusing projects that threaten either.
  • The Risk Bond Program places the onus of environmental stewardship squarely on those who profit from the earth’s bounty. It assures industry guardians that they cannot shirk their duty to protect and preserve, ensuring they bear the true cost of their endeavors.
  • FPIC for Indigenous Peoples recognizes Indigenous communities' sovereignty, wisdom, and rights. It enshrines their rightful place at the decision-making table, respecting their ancestral knowledge and their role as earth stewards.
  • Ending Water Privatization affirms water as a fundamental human right, not a commodity to be hoarded and sold. It is a commitment to ensure every person has access to clean, safe water, upholding the sanctity of life and dignity.
  • Rescinding Harmful Legislation is our promise to excise the toxins from our laws and policies, ensuring that our legislative framework genuinely serves the health of the planet and its people, not the interests of the polluters.
  • Anticipating Climate-Induced Displacement. In the face of projections that climate change could displace up to 1.2 billion people by 2050, the Cornel West for President campaign pledges to spearhead the development of global frameworks to support those forced from their homes by environmental upheavals. This initiative affirms human migration as an inherent right and prepares for the inevitable mass movements with empathy, strategic foresight, and unwavering solidarity. Our approach commits to a coordinated effort among all levels of government and international organizations to safeguard the rights of the displaced, ensuring they receive the necessary protection, support, and opportunities to rebuild. This policy emphasizes the integration of environmental justice and global cooperation, underpinning our dedication to the well-being of communities vulnerable to climate impacts and honoring our collective responsibility to future generations.

In embracing these policy pillars, the Cornel West for President campaign seeks to mitigate climate change's ravages and forge a new covenant with the earth—a covenant grounded in respect, reciprocity, and radical love. This is our shared journey towards a world that cherishes life in all its diversity, ensuring a sustainable and just future for generations to come. Join us in this sacred quest for environmental justice.

Gender Justice

In the prophetic tradition that calls us to break the chains of oppression and in the spirit of radical love that recognizes the sacred worth of every individual, the West | Abdullah campaign proudly upholds the Women’s Justice Pillar. This cornerstone of our platform is a clarion call to dismantle the systemic injustices that obstruct women’s full participation in every facet of society. It is a commitment to champion gender equality and to empower all women and girls, confronting the myriad challenges they face with unwavering resolve and compassion. This pillar comprises the following transformative commitments:

  • Publishing the duly ratified Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) as the 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is essential to embedding gender equality into the foundation of our nation's laws, ensuring that no person's rights are diminished based on their sex. This monumental action will establish a robust legal safeguard against discrimination, marking a pivotal step toward realizing a society where gender equality is not merely an aspiration but a lived reality.
  • Reproductive Rights and Healthcare Access Embodies our unshakeable belief in reproductive freedom as a fundamental right. We advocate for unfettered access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare—embracing safe and legal abortion, contraception, and fertility treatments—ensuring every woman, irrespective of her economic status, race, or location, navigates her reproductive health with dignity, free from barriers or censure.
  • Protection Against Gender-Based Violencesignals our zero tolerance for the scourges of domestic violence, sexual assault, harassment, and trafficking. By bolstering legal protections for survivors, supporting their journey to recovery, and prosecuting perpetrators, alongside launching nationwide education and prevention initiatives, we commit to transforming societal norms and eradicating gender-based violence.
  • Economic empowerment and equity are our strategies to obliterate the gender pay gap through the rigorous enforcement of equal pay laws and salary transparency. Championing women in the workforce entails enshrining paid family leave, affordable childcare, and safeguards against pregnancy discrimination. We pledge to foster women’s entrepreneurship and their flourishing in STEM fields by dismantling obstacles and enhancing access to educational and financial resources.
  • Political and Social Representation is our call to amplify women's political, corporate, and leadership representation. By elevating women's voices, especially those from marginalized communities, we ensure a mosaic of perspectives informs our collective decision-making, enriching our policies and society.
  • Education for All Girls and Women guarantees equitable access to education, advocating for comprehensive sex education and initiatives that propel girls and young women into spheres traditionally dominated by men. This commitment is a stand against gender stereotypes and biases, ensuring educational content and practices celebrate and cultivate the potential of every girl and woman.
  • International Women’s Rights reflects our global solidarity with women, championing their rights worldwide. This commitment supports efforts to end child marriage, eliminate female genital mutilation (FGM), and protect women refugees and migrants. Our diplomatic endeavors will unfailingly prioritize women’s rights and welfare, recognizing the indispensable role of women’s advancement in global progress.

The Women’s Justice Pillar is not merely a component of our campaign but a testament to our profound commitment to lead with empathy, equity, and justice. It is a vision of a future where every woman and girl is empowered to actualize her fullest potential, liberated from the shackles of discrimination and inequality. This pillar reaffirms our conviction that the progress of women’s rights is inseparable from the advancement of society at large. Join us in this sacred endeavor as we labor to birth a world that cherishes every woman and girl's dignity, rights, and dreams.

Global Justice

In the spirit of prophetic pragmatism and rooted in a deep love for humanity that transcends borders, the Cornel West for President campaign brings forth a vision of global justice that seeks not only to critique the injustices of the current global order but to courageously reimagine and reconstruct the United States' role in the world. An unwavering commitment to peace, cooperation, respect for sovereignty, and the universal dignity of all peoples underpins this vision. Our policy pillars for global justice are steps toward healing the wounds inflicted by past and present injustices and paving the way for a future where every nation and every person can thrive.

  • Dismantling U.S. Imperialism is a moral imperative to confront and dismantle the structures and policies that have sustained U.S. hegemony at the expense of other nations' sovereignty and well-being. This commitment marks a radical departure from dominance towards a foreign policy rooted in mutual respect, cooperation, and the collective pursuit of global peace.
  • Reducing the Military Budget embodies our belief that true security lies not in militarization but in addressing the root causes of instability and conflict, such as poverty, healthcare inequity, and climate change. By reallocating resources from the military to humanitarian and environmental efforts, we affirm our commitment to a global common good.
  • Disbanding NATO is a call to move beyond Cold War mentalities and mechanisms perpetuating division and conflict. It represents a step toward reducing military tensions and fostering a world where diplomatic engagement and peacemaking are the primary means of resolving international disputes.
  • Closing U.S. Military Bases Abroad signals a shift from a foreign policy based on military presence and intervention to one emphasizing diplomacy, respect for regional autonomy, and peaceful coexistence. This policy seeks to end the era of U.S. military dominance that often breeds resentment and instability.
  • Promoting Global Cooperation over dominance captures our vision of a world united in addressing humanity's profound challenges. It underscores the importance of collaborative, multilateral efforts to combat climate change, eradicate poverty, and promote health and well-being for all.
  • Ceasing Support for Conflicts reflects our dedication to peace and the conviction that resources that fuel conflicts could be better used to foster understanding, reconciliation, and peaceful resolution. It is a commitment to investing in peace rather than perpetuating violence.
  • Ending Military Funding to Israel and advocating for Palestinian dignity and liberation mark a significant stance against oppression and for the rights of all people to live in peace and security. This policy is a call for the United States to lead with moral clarity in promoting justice and an end to apartheid conditions.
  • Halting Support to Nations Committing War Crimes is an ethical stance that the United States must not be complicit in human rights abuses. We uphold the principles of justice and human dignity by ceasing military support and arms sales to such regimes.
  • Establishing a Truth and Reconciliation Commission for U.S. interventions abroad is an act of moral accountability. It represents a profound commitment to facing and healing the wounds of past actions, acknowledging wrongs, and seeking reconciliation and justice.
  • Normalizing Relations with Cuba and lifting the embargo are steps toward healing historical animosities and building a future of constructive engagement and mutual respect between the United States and Cuba, fostering opportunities for cooperation and exchange.
  • Non-Intervention in Haiti respects the sovereignty and agency of the Haitian people, supporting Haitian-led solutions to national challenges. This policy affirms our commitment to self-determination and non-interference in the affairs of sovereign nations.
  • Canceling Debt for Developing Nations is an act of global solidarity. It recognizes that the burden of debt serves as a significant barrier to the development and autonomy of many nations. We support a more equitable and just global economic system by advocating for debt cancellation.
  • Fighting Global Patriarchy underscores our solidarity with women-led movements worldwide and our commitment to dismantling the global patriarchy. This policy affirms that gender equality and women's rights are fundamental to achieving global justice.

The Cornel West for President campaign for global justice is a call to action to radically reimagine the United States' role in the world as a force for peace, cooperation, and the universal flourishing of all peoples. Join us in this sacred struggle as we work toward a world that reflects the beauty of our shared humanity, a world where justice, love, and solidarity guide our way forward.

Gun Violence Justice

In the profound spirit of love and justice that animates our shared humanity, the Cornel West for President campaign confronts the scourge of gun violence with a deep moral urgency and a comprehensive strategy for peace and safety. Our campaign understands that the epidemic of gun violence not only takes precious lives but also casts long shadows of fear and grief across communities. Our proposed policies are rooted in a profound respect for life, a commitment to community well-being, and an unwavering dedication to preventing future tragedies.

  • National Gun Registry Database: This policy recognizes that accountability and responsibility are fundamental to gun ownership. By instituting a comprehensive national registry for civilian-owned firearms, we affirm the principle that owning a gun is a serious responsibility that impacts the safety of all. This registry serves as a crucial tool for law enforcement and as a safeguard to ensure that firearms do not become instruments of despair in our communities.
  • Gun Ownership Licensing Requirements: Mirroring the rigor and care we apply to licensing drivers, this policy emphasizes that the right to own firearms comes with the duty to do so safely and responsibly. Through background checks that screen for potential risks, mandatory safety training that educates on proper handling and storage, and periodic renewal processes that ensure ongoing accountability, we can cultivate a culture of gun ownership that prioritizes human life and safety above all.
  • Limiting Sales at Gun Shows: By addressing the gun show loophole, this policy seeks to close a critical gap in our current system that allows firearms to change hands without the due diligence that keeps our communities safe. Ensuring that all firearm transactions, regardless of their venue, are subject to thorough oversight is a step toward preventing firearms from reaching those who misuse them, thus protecting innocent lives.
  • National Red Flag Law: This measure recognizes the importance of intervention before violence occurs. By empowering those who are often closest to potential crises—family members, law enforcement, and healthcare providers—to act through legal channels, we can prevent tragedies before they unfold. This law is a testament to our belief in a community's ability to care for its most vulnerable and to take decisive action to preserve life.

The Cornel West for President campaign’s approach to gun violence justice is not one of division but of deep moral solidarity. It calls upon us to unite, transcend political divides, and implement measures that protect our children, families, and future. It is a call to honor the sacredness of life through actions that reflect our collective responsibility to each other. These policies, grounded in respect, accountability, and care, aim to weave a fabric of society where safety and peace are the birthrights of all Americans.

In this struggle for gun violence justice, we are reminded of the power of our collective action and the resilience of our communities. Together, we can confront this epidemic, not with fear but with the courage of our convictions and the strength of our love for one another. Join us in this righteous cause as we work to build a nation where every community can flourish free from the shadow of gun violence. This nation genuinely reflects the values of dignity, safety, and justice for all.

Health Justice

In the prophetic fire of justice and the deep well of compassion that has always defined our journey, the Cornel West for President campaign seeks to reform and revolutionize the landscape of health justice in America. It is a declaration that health is not a privilege for the affluent but a fundamental human right, accessible to all, irrespective of the economic, social, or racial divides that fragment our society.

  • Beyond Medicare for All articulates a vision that transcends mere access to healthcare. It aims for a holistic approach where health justice interweaves with the social, economic, and environmental fibers of our society. It's a commitment to not just heal the body but nourish the soul and mend the fabric of our communities.
  • Habeas Corpus Healthcare is our moral imperative, affirming healthcare as an inalienable right. It represents a radical reimagining of our social contract, ensuring that no individual is denied the care they need to live a life of dignity.
  • Codification of Abortion Rights stands as a bulwark against the tides of regressive legislation seeking to undermine reproductive freedoms. It is a declaration that the sanctity of personal choice and autonomy over one's body is a principle as immutable as the Constitution itself.
  • Inclusive Healthcare Policies reflect our unwavering belief in the inherent worth of every individual. By dismantling barriers to gender-affirming care, we affirm that healthcare justice must encompass all identities, honoring the diversity of human experience.
  • Nationalization of Healthcare Industries is a call to prioritize people's welfare over corporate profit margins. It is a bold step towards a system where medications are affordable, research is conducted for the public good, and healthcare delivery is dictated by need, not wealth.
  • Ending Medical Apartheid is our pledge to confront and dismantle the structural inequities that have long plagued our healthcare system. It's an acknowledgment that health disparities are not accidents of nature but the result of centuries of systemic racism and discrimination.
  • War on Drugs Reform marks a departure from punitive measures that have only served to perpetuate cycles of despair and incarceration. It's a movement towards compassion, understanding, and healing, addressing the root causes of drug use through support and treatment.
  • The COVID-19 Justice Commission acknowledges the disproportionate toll the pandemic has taken on marginalized communities. It seeks not only to heal but also to understand, to make reparations, and to ensure that justice and equity guide our response to future crises.
  • Vaccine Safety and Utilization Panel ensures that trust in our public health institutions is restored and maintained. By grounding our vaccination programs in science, transparency, and community engagement, we protect our nation's health while respecting its people's autonomy and concerns.
  • The Health Bill of Rights for Disabled People recognizes the unique barriers faced by individuals with disabilities in accessing healthcare. It is a commitment to systemic change, ensuring that healthcare systems are responsive, accessible, and equitable for everyone, regardless of their physical or mental challenges.

The Cornel West for President campaign for health justice is more than a set of policies; it is a covenant with the American people to build a future where healthcare is a common good, a shared responsibility, and a testament to our collective humanity. In this sacred struggle for health justice, we reclaim the essence of democracy itself: a society measured not by its wealth but by its compassion, not by its power, but by its love. Join us in this noble quest to ensure that every individual in every corner of our nation has the care and dignity they deserve.

Immigration Justice

In the prophetic spirit that guides us toward justice and compassion, the Cornel West for President campaign presents a vision for immigration justice that recognizes the divine worth of every soul seeking refuge and opportunity within our borders. This vision is grounded in the understanding that our strength as a nation is derived from our ability to welcome, integrate, and uplift those who come to us from distant lands, bearing dreams and talents that enrich our collective tapestry. Our policies are a commitment to transforming the U.S. immigration system into a beacon of hope grounded in the principles of dignity, respect, and human rights.

  • Massive Investment in Policy Transformation reflects our determination to reimagine our immigration system as embodying our highest values—compassion, morality, dignity, and ethics. This transformation involves creating clear, broad legal pathways for residency that recognize the inherent worth of every individual, ensuring that America remains a land of opportunity, true to its historical legacy and moral obligations.
  • Ending the Inhumane Treatment of Migrants is a solemn vow to cease the morally reprehensible practices that tarnish our national conscience—such as family separation and the detention of children under cruel conditions. This policy affirms that the pursuit of immigration justice must be rooted in respect for human rights and the sanctity of family unity, recognizing that every person who arrives at our borders is a member of the human family and deserves compassion and dignity.
  • Streamlining Legal Pathways signifies our commitment to dismantling the bureaucratic barriers that hinder the dreams of so many. By making the processes for obtaining citizenship, permanent residency, and work visas more accessible and efficient, we honor the aspirations of immigrants and enrich our nation with their contributions, creativity, and resilience.
  • Acknowledging and Addressing U.S. Responsibility calls us to confront the uncomfortable truths about the impact of our foreign policies on the global conditions that compel migration. This policy is a pledge to engage in foreign affairs with a heightened sense of responsibility, fostering policies that promote stability, democracy, and economic opportunities abroad, thereby addressing the root causes of forced migration.
  • Abolishing ICE and Demilitarizing the Border articulate our vision for an immigration system that prioritizes human rights, community safety, and dignity over militarization and punitive enforcement. By advocating for the abolition of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the demilitarization of our borders, we embrace a new paradigm of immigration enforcement—one that is humane, just, and reflective of our core values as a nation.
  • Upholding Asylum Laws is our promise to protect the sacred right to asylum, ensuring that those who flee persecution, violence, and despair are met not with barriers and hostility but with fairness, transparency, and an opportunity to find safety and hope within our borders. This policy reaffirms our commitment to international and national laws that safeguard the rights of asylum seekers, ensuring that America remains a refuge for the oppressed.

The Cornel West for President campaign for immigration justice is a call to action—a call to embrace our common humanity to extend our hands in solidarity with those who seek to share in our nation's promise. It is a vision of an America where the lamp of liberty shines brightly, guiding the way to a future where every person, regardless of where they come from, can find dignity, respect, and a chance to contribute to the common good. Join us in this sacred journey towards a more just, compassionate, and welcoming America.

LGBTQIA+ Justice

In the beloved community, we strive to build, the Cornel West for President campaign elevates the struggle for LGBTQIA+ justice as a cornerstone of our moral and political agenda. In a nation marred by the shadows of exclusion and oppression, our policies shine as beacons of hope, affirming the inherent dignity and sacred worth of every individual, irrespective of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression. This is our commitment to not just tolerance but to love acceptance, and the celebration of our rich diversity.

  • Ending Assaults on Transgender People: This policy is a clarion call for the cessation of the multifaceted assaults on our transgender brothers, sisters, and siblings. It is a moral imperative to stand against the legislative, social, and physical violence inflicted upon transgender individuals. Our campaign is dedicated to crafting and enforcing comprehensive protections that safeguard the rights, dignity, and safety of transgender people, ensuring they can live authentically and without fear in every aspect of society.
  • Gender-Affirming Care Standards: At the heart of our health justice vision is the unwavering support for transgender individuals' right to access gender-affirming care. By establishing clear, compassionate standards for this care within public health institutions, we affirm the importance of healthcare that respects and responds to the needs of transgender people, acknowledging their autonomy and the validity of their gender identity. This policy is a testament to our belief in healthcare as a right that must be inclusive, affirming, and accessible to all.
  • Equal Rights Amendment for LGBTQIA+ Residents: Proposing an Equal Rights Amendment specifically tailored to protect LGBTQIA+ individuals is a historic stride towards enshrining their rights into the bedrock of our Constitution. This amendment declares our unwavering commitment to full legal equality, ensuring that no individual can be discriminated against based on who they are or whom they love. It is a bold step toward realizing a society where legal protections are comprehensive, and discrimination finds no sanctuary.
  • National Ban on Discriminatory Laws: Our campaign vigorously opposes the insidious spread of "Don’t Say Gay" laws and all other legislative efforts designed to erase or diminish the existence and rights of LGBTQIA+ individuals. Such laws, especially when infiltrating educational environments, not only breed ignorance but actively create atmospheres of hostility and fear. By advocating for a nationwide prohibition of these discriminatory laws, we reaffirm our dedication to fostering environments of understanding, acceptance, and empowerment for LGBTQIA+ youth and their families.

The Cornel West for President campaign's vision for LGBTQIA+ justice is a resolute affirmation of our shared humanity. It is a promise to confront and dismantle the systemic injustices that plague our society, to protect the most vulnerable among us, and to nurture a culture that honors the infinite worth of every person. In this journey towards justice and liberation, we invite all to join hands in solidarity as we strive to create a world that reflects the beauty and diversity of the human family in all its forms. Together, let us march towards a future where love prevails, rights are guaranteed, and every individual can soar on the wings of freedom, dignity, and equality.

Racial Justice

In the spirit of the prophets who have gone before us and armed with a love that does justice, the West | Abdullah campaign declares an unwavering commitment to racial justice as the very heartbeat of our collective pursuit of democracy. Our campaign stands as a beacon of hope and action against the historical and ongoing scourge of racism that has tarnished America's soul. Our policies are not just proposals; they are moral imperatives to heal our nation's wounds and forge a path toward true equality and liberation for all.

  • Reparations for Black U.S. Residents embody our acknowledgment of the deep moral debt owed to the descendants of those who suffered under the brutalities of slavery and Jim Crow. This commitment to reparations seeks not only to address the financial injustices but also to initiate a process of healing and reconciliation, recognizing the profound scars left by centuries of systemic racism.
  • The expedited Reparations Process is our promise to no longer delay justice. It's a vow to swiftly bring about the reparative actions necessary to mend the historical breaches, ensuring that the descendants of those wronged by America's original sins are acknowledged and compensated with the urgency they rightfully deserve.
  • Legislative Action for Reparations underscores our resolve to see justice through, leveraging every legislative tool at our disposal. Like the Civil Liberties Act of 1988, which sought to right the wrongs done to Japanese Americans, we will work tirelessly to enshrine reparations and Land-Back provisions into law, affirming our nation's commitment to rectifying its past.
  • Ending Mass Incarceration speaks to our determination to dismantle the modern-day chains of bondage that disproportionately shackle Black and brown communities. By ensuring the right to vote for all, including those currently and formerly incarcerated, we affirm the principle that democracy must be unconditionally inclusive.
  • Addressing Black Maternal Mortality targets the stark inequalities that endanger Black mothers. By investing in equitable healthcare, we strive to protect the sacred act of bringing life into the world, ensuring that Black women are supported, heard, and valued throughout their maternal journey.
  • Public Review Commissions for Policemanifest our commitment to accountability and justice in policing. These commissions will serve as a vital mechanism for community oversight, ensuring that those entrusted with public safety honor their duty with respect and integrity toward all citizens.
  • Restoration of Voting Rights Act Provisions is a clarion call to safeguard the cornerstone of our democracy: the right to vote. By restoring these critical provisions, we take a stand against the insidious forces of voter suppression, ensuring every voice is heard, and every vote counts.
  • Land Back Commission acknowledges the profound injustices inflicted upon Indigenous peoples and the urgent need to address land theft and treaty violations. This commission will explore pathways to restitution, honoring the sovereignty and self-determination of Indigenous nations.
  • Investigating Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women brings federal attention and resources to bear on this heartbreaking epidemic. It's a commitment to seek justice for the victims and their families, acknowledging the dignity and worth of every Indigenous woman.
  • Justice for Black Farmers Act aims to heal the economic wounds inflicted by decades of discrimination in agriculture. By supporting Black farmers with land grants and financial assistance, we strive to restore their rightful place in America's agricultural legacy, ensuring their prosperity for generations to come.

In these policies, we hear the cries for justice that have echoed through the ages, from the chains of slavery to the streets of Ferguson and beyond. The West | Abdullah campaign is more than a political movement; it is a moral crusade to confront the sins of our past, to heal our national soul, and to build a future where racial justice is not an aspiration, but a living, breathing reality for all. Join us in this sacred journey toward justice and redemption.

Transformative Justice

In the prophetic tradition that compels us to speak truth to power, the West | Abdullah campaign heralds a new dawn for justice in America—a transformative justice that seeks not merely to reform but to fundamentally reimagine the very essence of our criminal justice system and societal structures. This vision is deeply rooted in our unwavering commitment to dignity, equality, and the sanctity of every human life.

  • Free Speech and Whistleblower Protections affirm our conviction that democracy thrives on transparency and the courage of those who, at great personal risk, expose the shadows of corruption. It is a testament to our belief in the power of truth as a force for change.
  • Shutting Down Cop City and opposing militarized police training facilities across the nation represent our resolute stance against the fortification of a system that perpetrates violence and fear. It's a declaration that safety and security cannot be forged from the barrels of guns aimed at our own communities.
  • Ending Mass Incarceration and the Prison Industrial Complex is our commitment to breaking the chains that bind millions of our fellow citizens, particularly those from Black, brown, and economically disadvantaged communities, to a cycle of disenfranchisement and despair.
  • Redistributing Police Funding towards community-led safety initiatives embodies our belief in security rooted in compassion, understanding, and the unwavering commitment to upholding the dignity of all people.
  • Developing Alternatives to Incarceration through restorative justice practices signals our journey toward a justice system that heals rather than harms and restores rather than ruptures the social fabric of our communities.
  • The Prisoner Bill of Rights is a solemn vow that the flame of humanity shall not be extinguished within the walls of our prisons. It recognizes the inalienable rights that accompany every soul, even in the depths of despair.
  • Abolishing Solitary Confinement underscores our moral outrage at a practice that diminishes our collective humanity. It is a clarion call for justice that heals and recognizes the inherent worth of every individual.
  • Addressing Sentencing Discrepancies is a pledge to dismantle the edifice of bias that has long shadowed our justice system. It is an acknowledgment that justice must be blind, not to the realities of racism and inequality, but to prejudice and discrimination.
  • Comprehensive Sentencing Reform, including the abolition of the death penalty and mandatory minimum sentences, is our commitment to a justice system that believes in second chances and values the potential for redemption and rehabilitation over retribution.
  • Restoring Voting Rights is a declaration that no voice should be silenced, that civic participation is a right that transcends the walls of a prison cell, recognizing that disenfranchisement is antithetical to the very ideals of democracy.
  • Demilitarizing Police and prohibiting military-grade equipment in civilian policing is a step towards peace, towards a society where the guardians of our communities are seen not as occupiers but as protectors, as part of the very fabric of our society.
  • Ending Militarized Police Training by military forces, including the Israel Defense Forces, is a commitment to ensure that our policing practices are founded on principles of care, community, and respect for all human rights rather than strategies of occupation and control.

The West | Abdullah campaign for transformative justice is a bold reimagination of what it means to live in a just society. It is a vision that calls us to stand in solidarity against the injustices that fracture our communities and to weave a new tapestry of justice that is inclusive, equitable, and grounded in the profound belief in the dignity of every person. Join us in this righteous cause, in this sacred struggle for a world where justice flows like a mighty river and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.

Voter Justice

In the spirit of the great democratic traditions that have illuminated the path toward justice and equality, the Cornel West for President campaign envisions a renaissance of voter justice—a profound transformation of our electoral process into one that truly reflects the will, wisdom, and dignity of the people. This vision is born out of a recognition that the cornerstone of democracy rests on the ability of every citizen to participate fully and freely in the electoral process, unencumbered by barriers, unswayed by corporate interests, and unafraid of systemic disenfranchisement.

  • Making Election Day a National Holiday affirms the sacred act of voting. It recognizes that no worker should have to choose between earning a day's wage and exercising their democratic rights. This policy envisions a day of civic celebration, where participation in our democracy is uplifted and honored.
  • Automatic and Same-Day Voter Registration seeks to dismantle the bureaucratic obstacles that hinder access to the ballot box. It is a declaration that the right to vote is inherent to our citizenship, and as such, the path to exercising that right should be as direct and unimpeded as the air we breathe.
  • Vote-by-Mail for All Eligible Voters extends the franchise with open arms to those who, for reasons of health, mobility, or distance, are unable to reach polling places. It recognizes our collective responsibility to ensure that every voice can be heard and every vote counted.
  • Federal Democracy Commission embodies our commitment to a vibrant, multiparty democracy. It challenges the status quo that stifles political diversity and seeks to create a political arena where all voices, especially those of third-party and independent candidates, can compete on an equal footing.
  • Promoting Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) embraces a more nuanced and representative electoral process. RCV ensures that our elected officials command the majority support of their constituents, mitigating the divisive effects of vote splitting and fostering a politics of consensus and cooperation.
  • Term Limits for Supreme Court Justices reflect our belief in the dynamism of democracy. It proposes that our highest court should evolve with the society it serves, ensuring that its composition and perspectives remain as alive and as vibrant as the populace from which it draws its legitimacy.
  • Prohibiting Donations to Judges aims to fortify the ramparts of our judiciary against the corrosive influence of money. It insists that the scales of justice be balanced by the law's weight and our judges' moral integrity, not the gold of the highest bidder.
  • Banning Former Elected Officials from Lobbying is a stand against the revolving door that blurs the lines between public service and private gain. It seeks to ensure that those who are called to serve our nation do so with hearts unclouded by the prospect of personal enrichment.
  • Establishing Term Limits for Elected Officials: a call for renewal and rejuvenation within our political leadership. It recognizes that the health of our democracy depends on the continuous infusion of fresh ideas, perspectives, and leadership that reflects the ever-changing tapestry of the American people.

These pillars of voter justice are not mere policy positions; they are the moral commitments of a campaign that seeks to win an election and transform a nation. The Cornel West for President campaign invites every American to join in this sacred struggle to reclaim our democracy, to ensure that every voice is heard, every vote valued, and every citizen empowered to shape the destiny of our republic. Together, let us march toward a horizon of hope, where democracy thrives in the sunlight of justice, equality, and love.

Worker Justice

In the prophetic tradition of justice, the Cornel West for President campaign harkens back to a time when the worth of one's labor was not merely measured in dollars and cents but in dignity, respect, and the collective well-being of our communities. Our policy pillars for worker justice are not just policy proposals—they are moral imperatives, a call to honor the sacred worth of every worker in our nation.

  • The Workers Bill of Rights declares that the labor of our hands and the sweat of our brows is to be honored and protected. It's a sacred covenant to abolish the so-called "right-to-work" laws that have long stifled the collective voice of the working class. This document is a testament to our commitment to safe working environments, fair wages, and the inalienable right to organize.
  • Unionization Protections are the ramparts guarding our collective strength. By strengthening the legal fortifications around unionization, we ensure that every worker in every sector can stand in solidarity without fear of retribution. The process of unionization must be a pathway, not a barricade, to worker empowerment.
  • Collective Bargaining in Nonprofits ensures that even those who labor in the service of others are not denied their rights to fair wages and conditions. Serving the public good on the one hand while denying justice to one's own employees on the other is a moral contradiction. This policy closes that gap, ensuring justice for all.
  • Contract Negotiation Time Limits introduce a measure of urgency and fairness into labor negotiations. They say to employers: the needs of your workers cannot be put on the back burner. If an agreement cannot be reached in good faith within a year, then the just demands of the workers shall prevail.
  • Board Representation for workers is our way of saying that those who labor in the company should have a say in its direction. It's a move towards an economic democracy where decisions are made with an eye towards profits and the welfare of all stakeholders.
  • Reformed Paid Family Leave recognizes the sanctity of family and caregiving. Ensuring six months of fully paid leave affirms that caring for a loved one is as valuable to our society as any work done in an office or factory.
  • Equal Pay for Equal Work is a clarion call for justice. It is unconscionable that in this day and age, pay disparities based on race, gender identity, or disability still exist. This policy aims to eliminate this injustice, ensuring fair compensation for all.
  • Four-Day Work Week Commission reflects a profound rethinking of what it means to work and live. It acknowledges that our worth is not tied to how many hours we labor but to the quality of our lives and our contributions to society.
  • Fair Trade Agreements represent a commitment to a global economy that lifts all workers, not just those within our borders. They recognize that our fates are intertwined with those of workers around the world.
  • National Free Pre-K Childcare underscores the belief that support for working families starts from the earliest years. By providing free childcare, we not only aid working parents but also invest in our children's future.

These policies are the bedrock upon which we will build an economy that recognizes the dignity of every worker. It's a vision of a future where economic justice is not a distant dream but a lived reality for every American. Join us in this righteous cause, for in the struggle for justice, there is no greater calling.