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Black Maternal Justice

In the spirit of justice and with a profound commitment to the sanctity of life, the Cornel West 2024 campaign presents the Black Maternal Justice Pillar. This policy is an acknowledgment of the grave injustices faced by Black mothers in the United States, who endure disproportionately high rates of maternal mortality and morbidity. It is a moral imperative to confront and dismantle the systemic racism and inequities embedded within our healthcare system that betray Black women during one of the most pivotal experiences of their lives. The Black Maternal Justice Pillar is built upon the following foundational commitments:

  1. Comprehensive Funding Increase: We vow to significantly amplify funding for maternal health initiatives tailored to the needs of Black women. This encompasses bolstering the resources of hospitals and clinics in underserved communities and investing in research that identifies and promotes the most effective strategies for eradicating the maternal mortality crisis among Black women.
  2. Cultural Competency and Bias Training: We mandate that all healthcare professionals in obstetrics and gynecology undergo comprehensive cultural competency and implicit bias training. This policy ensures that Black women are met with the respect, understanding, and high-quality care they deserve, free from prejudice and discrimination.
  3. Community Health Worker Programs: We champion the expansion of community health worker programs, recognizing their critical role in bridging the gap between Black pregnant women and the healthcare system. These programs will offer vital prenatal and postnatal education, support, and advocacy, ensuring Black women are empowered and supported through their maternity journey.
  4. Data Collection and Research: We commit to enhancing data collection on maternal health outcomes for Black women and supporting research into healthcare models that demonstrably improve these outcomes. This initiative is essential for illuminating the depth of disparities and informing targeted, effective interventions.
  5. Access to Midwifery and Doula Services: We affirm the right of all Black women to access the care of midwives and doulas, whose presence has been proven to improve maternal and neonatal outcomes significantly. These services, offering culturally competent support, will be made available and covered by all health insurance plans, ensuring that every Black mother can benefit from their invaluable assistance.
  6. Policy Oversight Committee: We will establish a national oversight committee dedicated to Black maternal healthcare. This body, comprising healthcare experts, maternal health advocates, and members of the affected communities, will monitor the execution of these policies, evaluate their effectiveness, and recommend additional measures to enhance Black maternal health and well-being.

The Black Maternal Justice Pillar declares our campaign's unwavering dedication to rectifying the profound injustices that endanger Black mothers. It affirms our belief in a healthcare system that upholds the dignity, respects the rights, and preserves the lives of all mothers, recognizing the invaluable role they play in the fabric of our society. In advancing these policies, the Cornel West 2024 campaign seeks not only to address a critical health crisis but to honor the inherent worth of every Black woman and her fundamental right to safe, empowering, and dignified maternal care. Join us in this sacred mission to ensure that the promise of justice and equality encompasses the sacred act of bringing life into this world.

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