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Dr. Cornel West Announces New Campaign Leadership Team for His Historic Presidential Run


Wednesday, November 1st, 2023
Cornel West for President
[email protected] 

Independent candidate for President, Dr. Cornel West appreciates the service provided by former Campaign Manager Peter Daou, who announced his resignation from the campaign nearly one week ago. Dr. West reiterated, “This campaign will  continue to provide the American people with a clear alternative to the deadly and derelict political duopoly that is leading our nation and the whole world into a cauldron of militarism and war, climate catastrophe, economic entropy, and accelerated dithering of democratic systems.” He added, “we will all continue to pray for brother Peter and his family.”

The saying, “transition is inevitable, justice is not,” has never been more true in these difficult times when calamities in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and the Global South are felt at home more than ever as this nation struggles to navigate myriad domestic issues that continue to divide everyday people and push the poor and working-class further into seemingly insurmountable poverty and despair.

This campaign started with a spirit of cooperation, a covenant between Brother West and the people he’s met over the years and during the course of the campaign - this includes Palestinian sisters and brothers heartbroken over the carnage occurring in Gaza, Jewish sisters and brothers still coping with the loss of life in Israel on October 7th and demanding a cease-fire to end the senseless loss of life in Palestine, and so many people across the nation, Black, Brown, Indigenous, and poor demanding new and transformative leadership that will root our nation’s polity in morality, in truth, justice, and love.

It’s in that spirit that the campaign announces a new, first-of-its-kind cooperative campaign management model led by Anthony Karefa Rogers-Wright, Ceyanna Dent, Edwin DeJesus, and Madeline Merritt. In describing his new management team, Brother West explained, “This dynamic quartet of seasoned and dedicated leaders reminds me of Brother John Coltrane’s quartet, one of the most important and epochal contributions to jazz music and the world. I am so excited to be working with these four siblings, who bring a similar practice of hard work, improvisation, synergy, and cooperation. Other than this dynamic management group of four, we have a magnificent core team working alongside us.  As Brother Coltrane’s offering was the shape of jazz to come, this new cooperative management model is very much the shape of what’s to come politically, electorally,  and so much more.”

The Cooperative Management team of Rogers-Wright, Dent, DeJesus, and Merritt will soon make themselves available for questions and discussions. In the meantime, Brother West will continue working the streets with protesters calling for real action on the climate crisis, the picket lines with auto workers calling for fair pay, and working with communities across the country, making a case for a new approach to governing that puts people before profits, communities before corporations, and democracy before duopoly.

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