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Cornel West needs your help to get on the ballot in Delaware!

As a valued supporter of our campaign, we urgently need your help to get on the ballot in Delaware.

Our best opportunity to appear on the Delaware ballot is for our supporters to get plugged into our local organizing efforts, so we need everyone to sign up and get involved in your local community! Cannabis Legalization, Ranked Choice Voting, Gender & Sexual Minority rights, and many more issues are on the Ballot this year! Join Non Partisan Delaware organizers and activists in fighting to secure your community's rights, and win Ballot Access for Dr. West.

Non-Partisan Delaware hosts monthly outreach events in each county.

These events include the option to participate or observe through their Discord Server, but joining in person will be a more engaging experience and is highly recommended. 

Please express your interest on this page, and if you can - join our digital workspace (Slack) by going to (watch the video to get a QR code invitation to our space!)

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to the possibility of working together on this vital effort.

Will you volunteer?