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Economic Justice

In the spirit and voice of Dr. Cornel West, let us deeply engage with the vision of economic justice as a testament to our collective commitment to rectify historical injustices and build a society rooted in compassion, equity, and love. Our campaign for 2024 is not merely a political endeavor but a profound moral crusade to ensure that the wealth of this great nation serves not the few but the many—every beautiful soul walking this land.

  1. To Eradicate Poverty is to affirm the divine worth of every individual, ensuring that access to quality education, healthcare, and secure housing is recognized as sacrosanct rights. It is to say unequivocally that poverty is not a fate to be endured but a social sin to be eradicated.
  2. To abolish homelessness means to embrace our homeless brothers and sisters with the warmth of our concern and the strength of our actions. It means building a nation where every person has a sanctuary—a home to call their own, coupled with the mental health and substance abuse treatments that address the roots of despair.
  3. The Creation of Federal Public Banking Institutions symbolizes our collective reclaiming of economic democracy, channeling our resources to rejuvenate our infrastructure and breathe life into our communities through green reconstruction projects, with the people’s welfare at heart.
  4. A Universal Basic Income Commission reflects our audacious hope to reimagine welfare as empowerment—a direct, unconditional affirmation of our shared dignity, providing a financial backbone against the whims of an uncertain economy.
  5. A Wealth Tax to End Oligarchy is our moral imperative to redistribute the obscene concentrations of wealth and power. It is to declare that our democracy should not be auctioned to the highest bidder, and our politics should not be a playground for billionaires.
  6. A National $27 Minimum Wage asserts the radical notion that if a person works, they deserve to live—not merely survive but to live with dignity, in communities where this wage is the floor, not the ceiling, of their aspirations.
  7. Expansive Parental Leave and Disability Benefits underscore that our society must nurture families and support individuals through life’s vicissitudes, affirming that care is at the heart of our communal bonds.
  8. A National Jobs Program is our commitment to the right to meaningful employment, an endeavor to marry the need for work with the work needed—rebuilding our nation while securing our future against climate catastrophe.
  9. Supporting Worker-Owned Cooperatives is to sow the seeds of economic democracy, fostering businesses that embody the principles of collective ownership and democratic decision-making, ensuring that the workplace is a site of empowerment, not exploitation.
  10. Housing as a Right challenges the commodification of basic needs, insisting on policies that make affordable, quality housing accessible for all, addressing the systemic inequities that deny so many a place to call home.
  11. Breaking Up Monopolies aims to dismantle the concentrations of corporate power that throttle competition and innovation, asserting that the health of our economy relies on a marketplace as diverse and dynamic as the people it serves.
  12. Banning Stock Buybacks and Insider Trading by Government Officials stands as a testament to our demand for a government of integrity that serves the public interest, not the private accumulation of wealth.
  13. Ending the Use of Credit Scores in Essential Services recognizes the inherent discrimination in these practices, advocating for a society that measures a person’s worth by their character, not their credit.

This campaign is more than a list of policies; it invokes our deepest ethical commitments to justice, equity, and love. In the tradition of the great freedom fighters before us, we stand ready to build an economy and a society that reflects the unyielding dignity of every person. Join us in this righteous journey.

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