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Stand with Teachers in Transforming Education Alongside Drs. Cornel West and Melina Abdullah

Please act to today on behalf of teachers and students. 

This is National Teacher Appreciation Week, and our movement is celebrating the profound impact educators have on our lives, remembering those in our past who inspired us to raise our own vision higher and better understand our world.

Your donation supports our movement's commitment to:

  • Prioritizing Public Schools: Reducing the need for charter schools and focusing resources on public schools that serve all.

  • Ensuring Free Tuition: Making state and community college tuition-free for all.

  • Supporting Our Teachers: Guaranteeing a minimum wage of $80,000 for all K-12 public school teachers.

  • Ending the School-to-Prison Pipeline: Removing police from our schools and restoring safety and trust.

  • Canceling Student Debt: Freeing a generation from the shackles of debilitating loans.

  • Promoting Fair Admissions: Reinstating the fair consideration of race, ethnicity, and class in school admissions.

  • Teaching Full History: Abolishing laws that restrict the accurate teaching of our nation’s factual history.

  • Increasing Funding: Boosting support for HBCUs and Tribal Colleges and Universities.

We stand at a pivotal moment where you can honor teachers with your action today. 

Dr. Cornel West and Dr. Melina Abdullah, lifelong educators themselves, are championing a transformative vision for our nation’s educational system—a vision that honors the spirit of every teacher by fundamentally reshaping our approach to education justice. 

Your help is urgently needed to amplify our campaign and allow for voter independent choice, please act today.

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