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Gender Justice

In the prophetic tradition that calls us to break the chains of oppression and in the spirit of radical love that recognizes the sacred worth of every individual, the Cornel West 2024 campaign proudly upholds the Women’s Justice Pillar. This cornerstone of our platform is a clarion call to dismantle the systemic injustices that obstruct women’s full participation in every facet of society. It is a commitment to champion gender equality and to empower all women and girls, confronting the myriad challenges they face with unwavering resolve and compassion. This pillar comprises the following transformative commitments:

  1. Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) is our pledge to embed gender equality in the very bedrock of our Constitution, ensuring that no person's rights are diminished on account of their sex. This monumental action will provide a fortified legal bastion against discrimination, marking a pivotal stride toward realizing a society where gender equality is not merely aspired to but lived.
  2. Reproductive Rights and Healthcare Accessembodies our unshakeable belief in reproductive freedom as a fundamental right. We advocate for unfettered access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare—embracing safe and legal abortion, contraception, and fertility treatments—ensuring every woman, irrespective of her economic status, race, or location, navigates her reproductive health with dignity, free from barriers or censure.
  3. Protection Against Gender-Based Violencesignals our zero tolerance for the scourges of domestic violence, sexual assault, harassment, and trafficking. By bolstering legal protections for survivors, supporting their journey to recovery, and prosecuting perpetrators, alongside launching nationwide education and prevention initiatives, we commit to transforming societal norms and eradicating gender-based violence.
  4. Economic empowerment and equity are our strategies to obliterate the gender pay gap through the rigorous enforcement of equal pay laws and salary transparency. Championing women in the workforce entails enshrining paid family leave, affordable childcare, and safeguards against pregnancy discrimination. We pledge to foster women’s entrepreneurship and their flourishing in STEM fields by dismantling obstacles and enhancing access to educational and financial resources.
  5. Political and Social Representation is our call to amplify women's representation in political, corporate, and leadership realms. By elevating the voices of women, especially those from marginalized communities, we ensure a mosaic of perspectives informs our collective decision-making, enriching our policies and our society.
  6. Education for All Girls and Women guarantees equitable access to education, advocating for comprehensive sex education and initiatives that propel girls and young women into spheres traditionally dominated by men. This commitment is a stand against gender stereotypes and biases, ensuring educational content and practices celebrate and cultivate the potential of every girl and woman.
  7. International Women’s Rights reflects our global solidarity with women, championing their rights worldwide. This commitment supports efforts to end child marriage, eliminate female genital mutilation (FGM), and protect women refugees and migrants. Our diplomatic endeavors will unfailingly prioritize women’s rights and welfare, recognizing the indispensable role of women’s advancement in global progress.

The Women’s Justice Pillar is not merely a component of our campaign; it is a testament to our profound commitment to lead with empathy, equity, and justice. It is a vision of a future where every woman and girl is empowered to actualize her fullest potential, liberated from the shackles of discrimination and inequality. This pillar reaffirms our conviction that the progress of women’s rights is inseparable from the advancement of society at large. Join us in this sacred endeavor as we labor to birth a world that cherishes the dignity, rights, and dreams of every woman and girl.

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