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Dr. Cornel West Gifford Lecture Watch Party - Lecture 2 - Metaphilosophic Andante

Please Note: This event is at 10AM PT / 12PM CT / 1PM ET. Please register here and receive the Zoom link to put it in your calendar in order to avoid confusion, as this event is in Scotland.

Come together and watch Dr. Cornel West's Gifford Lecture series in Edinburgh, Scotland. These lectures are the highest honor in philosophy, and Dr. West will, as usual, be sharing poignant and powerful insights on our times. 

This is the second part in this six-part series, which is titled "A Jazz-soaked Philosophy for our Catastrophic Times".

Part Two's Description is below:

The Lecture opens with the inauguration of philosophy in the West. In his responses to Greek catastrophes, including the Peloponnesian wars, Plato provided profound resources for our own catastrophic moment. To be sure, Plato’s fear of disorder and unruly passions, and his denigration of history, blurred his lens, and could blind him to the catastrophic and tragicomic. And yet Plato also understood that ‘when, suddenly, like a blaze kindled by a leaping spark, it is generated in the soul and at once becomes self-sustaining’, philosophy could become redemptive and (in Professor Cornel R. West’s conception) jazz-soaked and free-style.


May 07, 2024 at 12:00pm - 1:30pm
Alex Coronado ·

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