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Global Justice

In the spirit of prophetic pragmatism and rooted in a deep love for humanity that transcends borders, the Cornel West 2024 campaign brings forth a vision of global justice that seeks not only to critique the injustices of the current global order but to courageously reimagine and reconstruct the United States' role in the world. An unwavering commitment to peace, cooperation, respect for sovereignty, and the universal dignity of all peoples underpins this vision. Our policy pillars for global justice are steps toward healing the wounds inflicted by past and present injustices and paving the way for a future where every nation and every person can thrive.

  1. Dismantling U.S. Imperialism is a moral imperative to confront and dismantle the structures and policies that have sustained U.S. hegemony at the expense of other nations' sovereignty and well-being. This commitment marks a radical departure from dominance towards a foreign policy rooted in mutual respect, cooperation, and the collective pursuit of global peace.
  2. Reducing the Military Budget embodies our belief that true security lies not in militarization but in addressing the root causes of instability and conflict, such as poverty, healthcare inequity, and climate change. By reallocating resources from the military to humanitarian and environmental efforts, we affirm our commitment to a global common good.
  3. Disbanding NATO is a call to move beyond Cold War mentalities and mechanisms that perpetuate division and conflict. It represents a step toward reducing military tensions and fostering a world where diplomatic engagement and peacemaking are the primary means of resolving international disputes.
  4. Closing U.S. Military Bases Abroad signals a shift from a foreign policy based on military presence and intervention to one that emphasizes diplomacy, respect for regional autonomy, and peaceful coexistence. This policy seeks to end the era of U.S. military dominance that often breeds resentment and instability.
  5. Promoting Global Cooperation over dominance captures our vision of a world united in addressing the profound challenges that face humanity. It underscores the importance of collaborative, multilateral efforts to combat climate change, eradicate poverty, and promote health and well-being for all.
  6. Ceasing Support for Conflicts reflects our dedication to peace and the conviction that resources devoted to fueling conflicts could be better used in fostering understanding, reconciliation, and the peaceful resolution of disputes. It is a commitment to investing in peace rather than perpetuating violence.
  7. Ending Military Funding to Israel and advocating for Palestinian dignity and liberation mark a significant stance against oppression and for the rights of all people to live in peace and security. This policy is a call for the United States to lead with moral clarity in promoting justice and an end to apartheid conditions.
  8. Halting Support to Nations Committing War Crimes is an ethical stance that the United States must not be complicit in human rights abuses. By ceasing military support and arms sales to such regimes, we uphold the principles of justice and human dignity.
  9. Establishing a Truth and Reconciliation Commission for U.S. interventions abroad is an act of moral accountability. It represents a profound commitment to facing and healing the wounds of past actions, acknowledging wrongs, and seeking reconciliation and justice.
  10. Normalizing Relations with Cuba and lifting the embargo are steps toward healing historical animosities and building a future of constructive engagement and mutual respect between the United States and Cuba, fostering opportunities for cooperation and exchange.
  11. Non-Intervention in Haiti respects the sovereignty and agency of the Haitian people, supporting Haitian-led solutions to national challenges. This policy affirms our commitment to self-determination and non-interference in the affairs of sovereign nations.
  12. Canceling Debt for Developing Nations is an act of global solidarity, recognizing that the burden of debt serves as a significant barrier to the development and autonomy of many nations. By advocating for debt cancellation, we support a more equitable and just global economic system.
  13. Fighting Global Patriarchy underscores our solidarity with women-led movements worldwide and our commitment to dismantling the global patriarchy. This policy affirms that gender equality and women's rights are fundamental to achieving global justice.

The Cornel West 2024 campaign for global justice is a call to action—a call to radically reimagine the United States' role in the world as a force for peace, cooperation, and the universal flourishing of all peoples. Join us in this sacred struggle as we work toward a world that reflects the beauty of our shared humanity, a world where justice, love, and solidarity guide our way forward.

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