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Cornel West needs your help to get on the ballot in Illinois!

Calling All Illinoisans!

Every Thursday at 8PM CT we will have an hour-long meeting where we will train on petitioning for Dr. West in IL + let you know how you can take the lead in your town/city/village!

We only have ~3 months to get at least 25,000 valid signatures of registered voters in IL! 

  • Zoom Registration link here, and you can RSVP for these calls and other events on the Event Map linked just below.
  • Check out the Volunteer Event Map for petitioning events near you
    • Don't see an event near you? We need you to lead your communities! Join us for a Thursday call, join our digital workspaces and commit to the 100 signature challenge.
  • Please consider joining the digital workspaces to get in contact with Cornel West supporters in IL and nationally.
  • Want to forego the digital workspaces? Fill out the form on this page to get the petition sheet file + instructions straight to your inbox.

Will you volunteer?