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Cornel West needs your help to get on the ballot in Kentucky!

As a valued supporter of our campaign, we urgently need your help to get on the ballot in Kentucky.

Our best opportunity to appear on the Kentucky ballot is for our supporters to get plugged into our volunteering efforts! We need you to collect signatures: from your friends and family, coworkers, at petitioning events, and where ever you can find folks who are willing to fight back against the Duopoly!

Sign up to be a Petitioning Lead and coordinate with the campaign on petitioning events, or your own canvassing efforts. Become an elector and sign the paperwork we need to get our Ballot Access operations started, and vote in the electoral college. There are so many ways to get involved.

State Signatures Start Date Deadline
Kentucky 5,000 01/01/24 09/06/24


Cornel West 2024 Kentucky Election Committee Meeting(s) -- check out our Volunteer Events Page!

Sign up for your next petitioning event

Petitions and state specific instructions (TBD)

Cornel West Ballot Access Guide - Host your own petitioning event

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to the possibility of working together on this vital effort.

Will you volunteer?