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Dr. Cornel West to Commemorate MLK Day with Prominent Events in Birmingham



Tuesday, January 9, 2024
Cornel West for President
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[Birmingham, AL] – Independent candidate for President of the United States, Dr. Cornel West, will be honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with his participation in several significant events in Birmingham, Alabama, on January 15, 2024, MLK Day in what would have been his 95th birthday. These engagements reflect Dr. West's dedication to continuing the vital conversation on civil rights and social justice.

The day's observance will commence with Dr. West attending the 38th annual MLK Day Breakfast at Birmingham Southern College. This gathering, a pivotal part of the day’s celebrations, will see Dr. West engaged with local community leaders and residents, and local lawmakers, sharing his insights in the spirit of Dr. King’s legacy.

Following the breakfast, Dr. West will participate in a tour of the 16th Street Baptist Church with Reverend Price, leading to a press conference with Dr. West outside of the church. This event is set to focus on the themes of activism and scholarship, resonating with the church’s historic significance in the civil rights movement.

The series of events will culminate with Dr. West’s keynote address at the People Over Party rally at Kelly Ingram Park across from the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. This rally, occurring at 3PM CT, will include various community members and leaders, will highlight the continued importance of Dr. King’s teachings in advocating for truth, justice and love in our society, while confronting the triple evils of poverty, racism, and militarism as characterized by King.

"In every state in America there is a 'spot' where someone has been needlessly killed, a family is homeless because they can’t earn a living wage, or an elderly citizen looks out their window too afraid to leave their home. These are the results of decades of political failure and corruption by both Democratic and Republican parties," explained Kenyan Carter, Organizer with People Over Party. They continued,  "Our goal is to educate citizens in every state in America and through education create the change needed to empower a new generations of leaders. Holding a rally in Birmingham on MLK Day is a way to both honor Dr. King’s memory and carry out his dream."

Dr. West, renowned for decrying what he refers to as the deodorizing and sanitizing of King, will use these engagements, to honor Dr. King's tremendous and radical legacy that continues to inspire ongoing dialogue and action for civil rights and social justice.

Dr. West noted, “I can’t think of a better place to commemorate MLK Day. Birmingham, like Brother Martin, is a staple of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement.” He continued, “As we celebrate the work of Brother Martin and his dear wife Coretta, who made this day possible, there are myriad reminders that the work continues. From the murder of Steven Perkins by Decatur Police forces, to the intransigency of the Three Main Evils - poverty, racism, and war - we know the best way to honor Martin and Coretta is to continue the struggle through collective resistance and collective acts of selfless service that put and keep us on a path to truth, justice and love.“


About People Over Party: 
People Over Party is a national grassroots movement focused on educating Americans on how the two party system has failed us.


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