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Dr. Cornel West's Campaign Calls Out Democratic Obstruction in North Carolina Ballot Certification


Thursday, June 27, 2024
Cornel West for President
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[Raleigh, North Carolina] – In a clear display of anti-democratic tactics, the North Carolina Board of Elections, controlled by its Democratic members, has unjustifiably denied ballot access to Justice For All (JFA) and two other organizations. Despite each group presenting the requisite number of petition signatures, all submitted on time, the Board voted along partisan lines—3 to 2 against certification.

While there are legitimate inquiries regarding a small number of signatures and an independent circulator, for which JFA has cooperated fully with the Board's investigation, there is no evidence to suggest that such issues are extensive enough to deem the entire petition effort invalid. Nonetheless, the Democrats on the Board have prolonged the investigation under the guise of legality. This unwarranted scrutiny comes after a sufficient three-week review period, suggesting a deliberate stalling tactic rather than any genuine need for further validation.

This suppression of voter choice is a transparent attempt by the Democratic Board members to protect their interests, as their presumptive nominee continues to demonstrate a lack of popularity and alignment with the working class’s needs. By obstructing legitimate candidates from appearing on the ballot, the Democrats are undermining the foundational principles of our electoral system.

"The actions of the Democratic members of the Board reflect a disturbing trend of putting partisan gain over democratic values," said Dr. Cornel West, commenting on the situation. "It is hypocritical and antithetical to everything our democracy stands for. The people deserve the right to choose, not to have their options limited by a party fearful of competition."

Moreover, the Board lacks both the practical means and the legal authority to conduct an exhaustive investigation into the intentions of each person who circulated or signed JFA's petitions, making their actions not only legally questionable but fundamentally inappropriate. In 2022, a federal court sanctioned this same Board of Elections for engaging in similar frivolous abuses. It is evident that lessons have not been learned, as the Board’s Democrats continue to flout the law and the constitution, prioritizing their electoral security over the democratic process.

Dr. West's campaign supports the Justice for All party as it demands an immediate cessation of these obstructionist tactics and calls for a fair, transparent, and swift resolution to this matter, ensuring that all voices can be heard in the upcoming elections.

About the Justice for All Party

In an effort to directly confront the suppression of voter choice and participation by legacy political parties, Independent candidate for President of the United States, Dr. Cornel West, announced the establishment of the Justice For All Party (JFA). The party will primarily be utilized as a grassroots, people-powered vehicle to secure ballot access in specific states. Additionally, JFA will grow into a larger formation that galvanizes people-powered initiatives to promote transformational change beyond the 2024 election cycle. JFA provides a mechanism for our grassroots campaign to travel a path of least resistance that will require the fewest number of signatures to attain ballot access in states like California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, New Mexico, North Carolina, Washington and the District of Columbia.

About Dr. Cornel West

Dr. West, affectionately known to many as Brother West, is the Dietrich Bonhoeffer Professor of Philosophy and Christian Practice at Union Theological Seminary.

Dr. West is the former University Professor at Harvard University, Professor Emeritus at Princeton University and the first Black person to receive a Ph.D. In Philosophy from Princeton University. He has written 20 books and he is best known for his classics, Race Matters and Democracy Matters, and for his memoir, Brother West: Living and Loving Out Loud. He delivered the historic Gifford lectures at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland in Spring 2024.

Dr. West enters the 2024 Presidential contest at a time in which he describes a national crisis of moral bankruptcy and spiritual obscenity driven by a derelict duopoly of both major parties that equally places profits over people and the planet. West asserts that running as an Independent candidate affords him the opportunity and duty to deliver policy prescriptions incorporated by and for the people, instead of political parties beholden to corporations and special interest groups who feel no solidarity with poor and working-class people of all races, gender identities, and age groups.

The Cornel West Campaign to empower poor and working people everywhere stands at a pivotal moment in history, committed to being a true campaign for people around the globe. Our aim is and will always be to unite in solidarity with movements of truth and justice, who seek a choice beyond empire, white supremacy, capitalism, patriarchy, and the confines of the corporate-dominated two-party system.

About Dr. Melina Abdullah

Dr. Melina Abdullah is a Professor of Pan-African Studies at California State University, Los Angeles, where she has also served as Department Chair. A respected scholar and dedicated activist, Dr. Abdullah is deeply involved in organized labor and social justice movements, holding roles such as the Chair of the Council for Racial and Social Justice with the California Faculty Association’s Los Angeles Chapter. She has been a lifelong union organizer and a delegate to the County Federation of Labor, melding her academic expertise with grassroots activism to champion causes such as the "Cops Off Campus" campaign and the establishment of Ethnic Studies in educational curricula.

A founding organizer of Black Lives Matter, Dr. Abdullah continues to lead the Los Angeles chapter and serves as Director of Black Lives Matter Grassroots, driving local and national initiatives that aim to dismantle systemic racism. Her leadership has been pivotal in various campaigns for justice and equity, including #BlackWomenAreDivine and #EndPoliceAssociations. Dr. Abdullah's commitment to social change is also evident through her role in media, where she produces and hosts "Move the Crowd" on 90.7FM KPFK, furthering public political education.

Beyond her professional and activist roles, Dr. Abdullah is a devoted mother and a champion of community engagement and empowerment. Raised in Oakland, California, by a family of union workers, she embodies the values instilled by her ancestors and strives to pass on a legacy of resilience and advocacy to her three children and her community in Los Angeles’ Crenshaw District. Her extensive contributions to social justice have earned her numerous accolades, including the Koreatown Immigrant Workers Alliance “Champion of Change” Award and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Award from Loyola Marymount University.

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