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Join our Campaign Communication Spaces!

As we tread the path of truth and justice, we acknowledge our limited resources against the backdrop of organized greed. And yet, our campaign is one that starts with the fight back - and empowers all people with a true alternative to the powers that be. 

That's where you come in. Dr. West reminds us that envisioning a revival of democratizing energies is challenging, but we refuse to concede hope. We walk alongside those who have historically opposed the lies that aim to keep us from working together towards a nation rooted in Truth, Justice, and Love.

  • Please review our campaign-standard volunteer Non-Disclosure Agreement -- we want to be sure our sensitive information remains confidential.
  • Please review our Community Guidelines and Norms -- you must read these before agreeing to them in the following questions.
  • Please complete the survey below -- upon completion and agreement you will receive invitations to our workspaces! Check your inbox (and even spam folder)! See you there. 
Do you want to work closely with Love Warriors across the nation and join our internal campaign communications?