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Dr. Cornel West Slams Dysfunctional Congress, Declares, “The Derelict Duopoly is Playing Congressional Musical Chairs While Poor, and Working Class People are Looking For a Seat at the Table.”


Wednesday, October 4, 2023
Cornel West for President
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Washington, DC - Presidential candidate Dr. Cornel West decried the waste of the people’s time and money associated with Tuesday's vote to oust Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House of Representatives. “The derelict duopoly is playing congressional musical chairs while poor and working-class people are looking for a seat at the table so they have a say in addressing an atrophying democracy, an economy that works primarily for the oligarchs, and a crippling climate crisis that subjects the most disadvantaged to perpetual cataclysms,” said West.

Dr. West expressed great concern that the House of Representatives prioritized motions to make each other look bad over the real concerns of the people, including a budget to fund the people’s government facing yet another shutdown in less than two months. He explained, “Career D.C. politicians are listening to the lobbyists more than their constituents, for if they opened their ears and their hearts, they would hear the collective voice of U.S. residents, from all political spectrums, expressing their displeasure, distrust, and frustration with a government that has lost the confidence of the people they swore to serve. This isn’t just a house of cards; it’s a house of chaos.”

As part of his visit to the D.C. area this week, Dr. West committed to addressing the issues of the derelict duopoly’s impact on poor and working-class people and its inability to address and dismantle the challenges of our time from instituting dignified immigration policy, guaranteed healthcare and reproductive justice, and climate and environmental justice provisions to head off the world’s trajectory to ecocide.

Yesterday he addressed an audience of supporters and started rolling out his policy prescriptions to eviscerate the myriad dysfunctions of the duopoly and the best ways to establish and maintain a government by and for the people.

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