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Racial Justice

In the spirit of the prophets who have gone before us armed with a love that does justice, the Cornel West 2024 campaign declares an unwavering commitment to racial justice as the heartbeat of our collective pursuit of democracy. Our campaign stands as a beacon of hope and action against the historical and ongoing scourge of racism that has tarnished America's soul. Our policies are not just proposals; they are moral imperatives to heal our nation's wounds and forge a path toward true equality and liberation for all.

  1. Reparations for Black U.S. residents embody our acknowledgment of the deep moral debt owed to the descendants of those who suffered under the brutalities of slavery and Jim Crow. This commitment to reparations seeks not only to address the financial injustices but to initiate a process of healing and reconciliation, recognizing the profound scars left by centuries of systemic racism.
  2. The expedited Reparations Process is our promise to no longer delay justice. It's a vow to swiftly bring about the reparative actions necessary to mend the historical breaches, ensuring that the descendants of those wronged by America's original sins are acknowledged and compensated with the urgency they rightfully deserve.
  3. Legislative Action for Reparationsunderscores our resolve to see justice through, leveraging every legislative tool at our disposal. Like the Civil Liberties Act of 1988, which sought to right the wrongs done to Japanese Americans, we will work tirelessly to enshrine reparations and Land Back provisions into law, affirming our nation's commitment to rectifying its past.
  4. Ending Mass Incarceration speaks to our determination to dismantle the modern-day chains of bondage that disproportionately shackle Black and brown communities. By ensuring the right to vote for all, including those currently and formerly incarcerated, we affirm the principle that democracy must be unconditionally inclusive.
  5. Addressing Black Maternal Mortality targets the stark inequalities that endanger Black mothers. By investing in equitable healthcare, we strive to protect the sacred act of bringing life into the world, ensuring that Black women are supported, heard, and valued throughout their maternal journey.
  6. Public Review Commissions for Policemanifest our commitment to accountability and justice in policing. These commissions will serve as a vital mechanism for community oversight, ensuring that those entrusted with public safety honor their duty with respect and integrity toward all citizens.
  7. Restoration of Voting Rights Act Provisions is a clarion call to safeguard the cornerstone of our democracy: the right to vote. By restoring these critical provisions, we take a stand against the insidious forces of voter suppression, ensuring every voice is heard and every vote counts.
  8. Land Back Commission acknowledges the profound injustices inflicted upon Indigenous peoples and the urgent need to address land theft and treaty violations. This commission will explore pathways to restitution, honoring the sovereignty and self-determination of Indigenous nations.
  9. Investigating Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women brings federal attention and resources to bear on this heartbreaking epidemic. It's a commitment to seek justice for the victims and their families, acknowledging the dignity and worth of every Indigenous woman.
  10. Justice for Black Farmers Act aims to heal the economic wounds inflicted by decades of discrimination in agriculture. By supporting Black farmers with land grants and financial assistance, we strive to restore their rightful place in America's agricultural legacy, ensuring their prosperity for generations to come.

In these policies, we hear the cries for justice that have echoed through the ages, from the chains of slavery to the streets of Ferguson and beyond. The Cornel West 2024 campaign is more than a political movement; it is a moral crusade to confront our past's sins, heal our national soul, and build a future where racial justice is not an aspiration but a living, breathing reality for all. Join us in this sacred journey toward justice and redemption.

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