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Dr. Cornel West for President Campaign to Announce Major South Carolina Ballot Access Milestone on February 24th


Thursday, February 22nd, 2024
Cornel West for President
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[Winnsboro, SC] – In a significant stride towards championing democracy and offering voters a choice beyond the entrenched corporate duopoly, the Cornel West for President Campaign is poised to announce its successful bid for ballot access in South Carolina during a press conference at 9AM ET at Speak to My Heart Ministries - 253 Courtney Road, Winnsboro, South Carolina 20180 - on February 24. This press conference will be livestreamed via YouTube - - to share the milestone with the community. This announcement will underscore the campaign's unwavering commitment to ensuring voters are free to choose leaders who prioritize people over party politics in the 2024 presidential election. 

Dr. Cornel West, the candidate at the vanguard of this historic solidarity movement, has worked alongside justice-minded independent state parties in some states to become their primary candidate, or is registering as an independent candidate in other states as part of his quickly advancing 50-state strategy, which now has Dr. West on the ballot in Alaska and Oregon. 

This approach directly challenges the ongoing suppression of voter choice while empowering voters with a collective vision that is dedicated to uplifting the marginalized while fostering solidarity and people-powered justice at all levels of governance. 

“Ballot access is the bedrock of a vibrant democracy. By securing our place on the ballot in South Carolina, we invite voters to join us in choosing a future defined by truth, justice, and love and dismiss the divisive illusions weaved by the corporate-controlled political paradigm,” stated Dr. West. “Even if I am not your candidate, supporting ballot access for independent voices stands as a powerful act of affirmation for a more equal, just, and democratic society that puts humanity first.”

In several states, the campaign has established the Justice for All Party (JFA) to open ballot access and enable voters to choose Dr. West. This newly established party aims to dismantle the barriers erected by legacy political parties that inherently limit voter choice and public participation. The JFA is a grassroots, people-powered initiative designed to facilitate a broader engagement in the political process far beyond this election cycle—working from the local to national level to support community-driven solutions. 

Dr. West further emphasizes, “On February 24, we stand ready to share with the public and the media how our groundwork in the pivotal and beautiful state of South Carolina is not just about this election, it’s about reinvigorating the collective conversation with the core human principles of truth, justice, and love of all our fellow siblings. We firmly challenge the narrative of false choices presented by the corporate duopoly and invite all to let this be the time we decide together to take the side of humanity.” 

Why Support Ballot Access?

Supporting ballot access means advocating for a democracy where diverse voices and ideas can flourish, leading to more robust solutions and a more stable future for all. The Cornel West Campaign calls on voters to reject the cynicism of the status quo and embrace the possibility of a more inclusive, cooperative, and civil democracy.

Regardless of your candidate preference, we urge you to use your voice today to say YES to more options on the ballot. Support democracy, support humanity, and let’s ensure that independent candidates like Dr. West are represented in our electoral choices.

Join us on February 24 as we reveal how we’re making history in South Carolina—and beyond.


About Cornel West For President 2024

Dr. West, affectionately known to many as Brother West, is the Dietrich Bonhoeffer Professor of Philosophy and Christian Practice at Union Theological Seminary. 

Dr. West is the former University Professor at Harvard University, Professor Emeritus at Princeton University and the first Black person to receive a Ph.D. In Philosophy from Princeton University. He has written 20 books and he is best known for his classics, Race Matters and Democracy Matters, and for his memoir, Brother West: Living and Loving Out Loud. He will deliver the historic Gifford lectures at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland in Spring 2024.

Dr. West enters the 2024 Presidential contest at a time in which he describes a national crisis of moral bankruptcy and spiritual obscenity driven by a derelict duopoly of both major parties that equally places profits over people and the planet. West asserts that running as an Independent candidate affords him the opportunity and duty to deliver policy prescriptions incorporated by and for the people, instead of political parties beholden to corporations and special interest groups who feel no solidarity with poor and working-class people of all races, gender identities, and age groups. 

The Cornel West Campaign to empower poor and working people everywhere stands at a pivotal moment in history, committed to being a true campaign for people around the globe. Our aim is and will always be to unite in solidarity with movements of truth and justice, who seek a choice beyond empire, white supremacy, capitalism, patriarchy, and the confines of the corporate-dominated two-party system.

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