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Dr. Cornel West Secures Ballot Access in Oregon with Progressive Party’s Support


Wednesday, January 24th, 2024
Cornel West for President
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Independent presidential candidate Dr. Cornel West, in collaboration with Oregon's Progressive Party (, has secured ballot access in Oregon for the 2024 US Presidential Election, marking a significant milestone in his campaign.

West stated, "We are striving for a society where the needs of the many outweigh the interests of the few, where the environment is protected, where poverty is eradicated, where foreign policy is founded on the use of diplomacy, not war, and where every voice is heard through proportional representation voting.” He added, “ It's a profound honor to be listed on Oregon's ballot for 2024 as part of the Oregon Progressive Party slate of candidates. I am deeply thankful to my Oregonian family for embracing this vision. Oregon, you are not just on the map, you are at the forefront of the struggle for truth and justice.”

In line with the Oregon Progressive Party's core values, Brother West's campaign will emphasize several key issues: establishing a state bank to support local communities and small businesses, promoting a single-payer Medicare for All system to ensure medical care for all Oregonians, with an emphasis on increasing access to and justice in healthcare, and enhancing environmental protections with a focus on sustainability as well as climate and environmental justice.

In explaining their new partnership with the Cornel West 2024 campaign, the Oregon Progressive Party proclaimed, “We are proud to support Dr. West. He embodies the principles we stand for - healthcare as a human right, free public education, environmental justice, and a peaceful approach to foreign policy.” They continued, “Oregonians have always been progressive at heart, and with Dr. West, we have a candidate who truly represents our values and vision for the future. We are confident that his candidacy will resonate with the citizens of Oregon and make a significant impact in the presidential race.”

The West campaign will collaborate closely with the Oregon Progressive Party to highlight the importance of public banking, advocating for the establishment of a state bank to support local economies and provide accessible financial services to underserved communities. This initiative aims to keep Oregon's financial resources within the state, promoting economic growth and stability while also ensuring the resources are utilized to address a growing wealth and income inequality challenge statewide.

Brother West's commitment to healthcare reform is also a cornerstone of his campaign. In alignment with the Oregon Progressive Party's position, he advocates for a single-payer healthcare system, emphasizing the need for universal access to quality and affordable healthcare. This approach aims to alleviate the burden of medical costs on individuals and families, ensuring that all Oregonians receive the care they need.

Leading national, state, and local climate and environmental justice groups have already offered high marks for Brother West’s policy pillars for environmental justice that include centering those communities most impacted by the climate crisis and legacy environmental racism, as well as measures to protect Oregon's natural beauty and resources. He calls for immediate action to combat climate change and promote sustainable practices, aligning with the party's focus on environmental stewardship and climate justice. This includes supporting renewable energy initiatives and opposing fossil fuel projects that exacerbate harms to environmental justice communities. Brother West is the only presidential candidate calling for going beyond a milquetoast version of the so-called Green New Deal and instead a global Green Reconstruction initiative that includes nationalizing the fossil fuel industry. He also promises to rescind the toxic elements of Joe Biden and the Democratic Party’s Inflation Reduction Act that’s already handed out billions of dollars to polluters who back projects like Jordan Cove, further reflecting a commitment to preserving Oregon's ecological integrity for future generations.

Reflecting on the broader implications of this partnership, Dr. West said, “Aligning with the Oregon Progressive Party is not just about being on the ballot; we are bringing our collective voices to the forefront of the national dialogue. Our shared goals - from healthcare for all, to urgent action for a growing climate crisis, and a commitment to peace - are not just Oregon's issues - they are everyone’s issues, nationwide. I am honored to join forces with them and eagerly anticipate working together to win the State of Oregon come November.”

With this significant development in Oregon, the Cornel West 2024 campaign continues to build momentum in its quest to redefine American politics, guided by the principles of truth, love and justice for all.


About Oregon Progressive Party:

The Oregon Progressive Party is a political organization committed to advancing social and economic justice, environmental sustainability, and government accountability, firmly grounded in the values of grassroots democracy and progressive change.

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