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Brother Cornel West is a living embodiment of the power of an independent mind, forever reminding us that greatness is born of the courage to stand apart and speak one's truth. Even as a young child, he exhibited the remarkable qualities that would define his life's journey and the path to the presidency. In the third grade, he fearlessly stood up to his teacher, challenging her ideas and defying the conventional norms of his time. This act of defiance was not an anomaly but a testament to his calling — the commitment to independent thinking.

Throughout his life, he has fearlessly questioned the status quo, challenged the prevailing narratives, and championed the causes of justice and equality. His unwavering commitment to independent thought and his unapologetic pursuit of truth have made him a revered figure, inspiring others to follow their path, think critically, and never back down from the pursuit of a more just and enlightened world.

People are hungry for change.

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