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Dr. Cornel West Seeks California Peace and Freedom Party Nomination for 2024 Presidential Election


Friday, November 25th, 2023
Cornel West for President
[email protected] 

Independent candidate for President of the United States, Dr. Cornel West, is officially seeking the nomination of the Peace and Freedom Party for the 2024 presidential election in California. This decision marks a significant step in brother West's commitment to advocating for the principles of equality, peace, and freedom that are at the core of his lifelong dedication to public service and intellectual engagement.

As we approach the August 2024 party convention, we call upon all members and supporters of the Peace and Freedom Party to join us in this historic endeavor. Together, we can champion a platform that not only addresses the pressing challenges of our time but also paves the way for a future that embraces truth, love and justice.

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Cornel West for President · 420 N McKinley St, Ste 111-512, Corona, CA 92879, United States



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