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Dr. Cornel West Calls for Immediate Cessation of Violence in the Holy Land and for an End to the Illegal Occupation of Palestinians. Urges Western Colonial Powers to Be Conscious of Their Rhetoric and to Push for Peace, Not War


Saturday, October 7, 2023
Cornel West for President
[email protected]

New York City - Independent Presidential candidate Dr. Cornel West today urged for peace in the Holy Land upon learning about the situation in Palestine and Israel that has already left 100s dead and even more people injured. “For this to occur on the Jewish Sabbath, on the day when the festival of Sukkot reaches its conclusion and Jewish siblings around the globe celebrate Simchat Torah, the joy associated with their holy book, is heartbreaking and a call for global action” explained Dr. West. He continued, “Until the global community holds up the value of precious Palestinian lives in line with the value of precious Jewish lives, this violent cycle of death and destruction will continue unabated.”

Dr. West called for an immediate cessation of all violence, including violent rhetoric uttered by certain Western nations. He shared, “Western nations and colonial powers from right here in the United States to the European Union must be conscious of their language as this situation unfolds. We need not allow our words to act as fuel to exacerbate a fire that’s been burning for too many decades.” He added, “President Biden and other world leaders must spend less time conjuring a fog of war with subjective and violent vernacular associated with who does and who doesn’t have the right to defend themselves and more time evoking a language of love and dignity for all people involved.”

A well-known Christian with roots in liberation theology, Dr. West called on the global community to immediately commence a discussion that will end the war between Israel and Palestine once and for all. “We all desire to manifest the beautiful scripture of Isaiah 2:4…nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more,” Dr. West declared, “However, this will not be a reality until Israel and Western nations understand that the pathway to and for peace in the Holy Land must be parallel with a pathway to and for liberation and dignity for Palestine.”

Dr. West offered his prayers, his love, and his condolences for the lives lost and injured, and his hopes for immediate and lasting de-escalation initiatives.

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